Sisters of the Sari

(June 2011)

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Kiria Langdon is the CEO of an American technology company, the kind of woman who likes to tackle five impossible things before breakfast. Santoshi lives in a shelter for homeless women in Chennai, the kind of woman who considers herself lucky to get breakfast. They have one thing in common though - they’re both survivors.

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The Elusive Mr.McCoy

(July 2012)

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Lesley works in a daycare center and dreams of the day when she will be a stay-at-home mom for her own children. Kendra has no time for family; she’s too busy snaring wealthy clients for her event planning business. They are as different as two women can possibly be with one exception - they’re married to the same man.

Reviews and excerpt

Some people are born to write.
Others have writing thrust upon them.
I fall into the second category.

How I became an author.


The Good News About Writer's Block

April may be the cruelest month for poets, but for novelists, the toughest month on the calendar is November, when National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo as we writers awkwardly but affectionately call it, takes place. During November, writers with nothing better to do sign up to produce a 50,000 word (or more) novel in 30 days (or less). The event is misnamed for two and a half reasons:
1) No one, not Stephen King, not Nora Roberts, not even James Patterson, the world’s most prolific collaborator, can produce a novel in 30 days. read more